Recovery Heroes: Goodbye, Gangsters!

A recent graduate of the new Muriel Wright SUTS program in Santa Clara, CA is a Recovery Hero! He submitted this letter to the program before graduation. Great work, everyone!

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Goodbye, Gangsters!

First and foremost, let me start by saying that this program is one of the best that I’ve been a part of in my life thus far.

Before Muriel Wright, I was sober for three months. The scary part was that once I fell back into my addiction, my old demons appeared and took control of my life a lot faster than they had before. I pushed family, friends, and loved ones away. I grew closer to the drug faster than ever. I started stealing cars and items just because my demons demanded me to. Although the support was there for me, I ignored it. Once again, I went to jail. This time, I knew that if they found one of the cars, I would be sent to prison. Fortunately, that didn't happen.

I was then given the opportunity to ultimately make the best choice that I’ve ever made in life. I decided to choose a recovery program. I finally understood that if I didn't educate myself on my addiction, I would fall into a deeper, darker hole.

The closer I got to the day that Muriel Wright staff was going to pick me up from jail, the more nervous I got. I was starting to lose hope, get angry, and was almost charged with facilitating a riot. I give it to my guardian angels that that never happened. Weeks later, I started the next chapter of my life as I stepped into the van that brought me to this safe haven.

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The hospitality and love that is shown at Muriel Wright is amazing. Between my counselor and peers, they gave me hope, even when I didn’t think I was worthy of recovery. The diversity of the staff and people here also gave me hope. It helped knowing so many people from different walks of life share in my pain and struggle.

The Muriel Wright staff gave me tools I never had before. The gifts I've been given here are priceless and ones that I can pass one to those in need. The understanding the staff showed me has allowed me to grow so much more in life. They will always be a part of my family. In my opinion, blood makes people related, but loyalty and love make people family.

Despite my insecurities and thoughts of unworthiness, they showed me that the light that flickers inside of me is much more than just a light, but instead, a beacon of hope for myself and others I cross paths with. For this, I owe them my life. I understand the best way to pay them back is by being all I can be and pick up fellow addicts that I had crossed paths with throughout my addiction.

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I’ve been given a second chance in life and I owe it both to myself and to everyone that helped get me to this point. I now know that I am worthy of being my best self and I see how much of a beautiful person I truly am.

What Makes a Recovery Hero?

Recovery heroes are members at ؼ programs who have made progress in their personal recovery journeys — and want to share their stories.

Every journey is unique — and progress can come in many different forms. These heroes share their stories, to offer a little bit of hope, inspiration, and encouragement to other who are on the path as well.