FY19-20 Year-End Materials

At the end of Telecare’s fiscal year Anne Bakar, President and CEO, and the executive team summarize the organizational progress and plans for the future in a company-wide annual report and video. Part of this effort includes our Mission of Excellence, a yearly summary celebrating and sharing the excellent work of our leaders and staff around our programs.  

FY19-20 was a year of tremendous success and unprecedented challenges. Last year, we opened 17 new programs, expanding our services to address more complex populations, and launched new models of care. We rose to the challenge of COVID-19 by creating new approaches to prioritize the safety of clients and staff — elevating our values of service, teamwork, and excellence. We saw the profound impact the death of George Floyd had on our communities and made Cultural Humility, Equity, and Inclusion (CHEI) a strategic priority in the year ahead. We are so proud of the staff that continued to work hard to serve more than 31,000 individuals across five states during this unprecedented time in
our history.

We are excited to share our progress in our FY19-20 video, Mission of Excellence, and our Annual Report.  

Telecare’s progress is made possible by the hard work and passion of our staff, the people we serve, and our community partners.