Celebrating Case Manager Week at San Bernardino FACT and CORE

ؼ San Bernardino FACT and CORE programs have geared up to celebrate . It's a time to honor and appreciate the dedicated case managers who work tirelessly to support an underserved population that is often overlooked. Their commitment and hard work shine through the smiles of the program's members, their achievements, and even the hurdles they face daily.

To mark this occasion, the leadership at Telecare has a heartfelt message for their exceptional case managers:

Case Managers, you all are like toilet paper during the first week of COVID-19, with high demand and short supply. You are all appreciated greatly for all that you do. No words can justify our gratitude for having you as part of our team. Thank you for the life-changing work you all do each day!
— - Denice Palacios, Program Administrator
Shout out to our Case Managers for their continued hard work and efforts to help an underserved population that most of society frowns upon. Your hard work and dedication show through our members’ smiles, their achievements, and even through the obstacles they face daily. You wear the different hats that most people don’t want to wear when providing services, and you are truly appreciated. 
— -Louie M., Team Lead Clinician

In ؼ FACT and CORE programs, these case managers go above and beyond, wearing various hats to address their members' diverse needs. They help individuals overcome obstacles, set and achieve personal goals, and provide the guidance and support required to improve their quality of life.

Their work may not always be in the spotlight, but it is undoubtedly a driving force behind the positive outcomes achieved by the program's members. Case managers are compassionate professionals who step up when others might shy away from the challenges these roles entail.

In celebrating Case Manager Week, we celebrate the heart and soul of ؼ programs, recognizing the vital contributions made by these dedicated professionals. Their work is proof of their compassion and dedication's impact in transforming lives and making the world better for those who need it most.