Meet TAO South's September Employees of the Month!

The employees nominated for the Employee of the Month award at TAO South are Kami Szawlosky and Courtney Onaga!

TAO South has introduced the Employee of the Month initiative to boost team morale and make every team member feel genuinely valued. Here's how it works: Throughout the month, staff members have the opportunity to give recognition by placing a shoutout card in the employee nomination box. Dedicated team leaders then tally up these nominations, and the winner is announced during the all-staff meeting.

"We believe in fostering a sense of community and celebrating hard work within our team. We had an exciting twist in September – a two-way tie for the Employee of the Month award! This month's outstanding employees are Kami Szawlosky, our MRT, and Courtney Onaga, our Vocational Specialist!"

—Ailyn Avila

We want to hear from you! Who would you nominate for the Employee of the Month in your program?