Anne Bakar's Heartfelt Visit to Morton Bakar Center

Anne Bakar, the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ؼ, paid a heartfelt visit to Morton Bakar Center, where she spent quality time with the dedicated staff and leaders.

Expressing her deep gratitude for the warm welcome, she conveyed:

"I extend my heartfelt thanks for the generous welcome I received at Morton Bakar yesterday. I truly cherished the time I spent with the dedicated staff and leaders. The commitment to serving older adults and the evident improvement in teamwork and trust among the staff touched me deeply. My Dad would be pleased."

Anne also admired the memorial dedicated to Morton Bakar clients who had recently passed away, noting:

"I especially appreciated your memorial to Morton Bakar clients who recently passed away. It is such a beautiful and poignant way to honor their memory, adding a truly special touch to the experience."