La Casa PHF Designs a Therapeutic Safe Space for Decompression

Have you ever heard of a quiet room? You’ll find one at La Casa PHF.

Quiet rooms, also known as resilience spaces or sensory rooms, provide a designated area where individuals can retreat to find solace. They have several benefits for individuals struggling to calm themselves after getting agitated. Among these benefits are stress reduction, a decrease in sensory overstimulation, and energy level regulation. They offer a more therapeutic alternative to a time-out room, which can often suggest that individuals are being punished instead of providing a space for decompression.

To further embrace Telecare’s RCCS recovery model, La Casa PHF converted its time-out room into a quiet room, providing a calming space for clients to reflect. While both decrease external stimuli, the quiet room provides a more comfortable and relaxing client environment. Inside the room, clients will find environmental stimuli to serve them best, including a scent diffuser, a nature sound machine, a calming nature view, a warm oversized beanbag chair, and a weighted blanket.

The team is proud of this transformation and anticipates its grand opening in the coming weeks.