RCCS Tidbit of the Month: Starting With Hope

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The following post is from our Recovery-Centered Clinical System (RCCS) Tidbit of the Month series. Each month, the RCCS Steering Committee creates practices to support our recovery culture within our programs and among staff. Click here to learn more about the RCCS.

Starting with Hope

Awakening Hope: One of the Five Conversations of the RCCS

January is a hopeful month. It’s a time when we hold ideas for our future and set intentions for our journey. In the RCCS, hope is a powerful tool in the recovery journey — without it, our efforts will stall. Hope helps us develop an open mind toward new possibilities. In the most challenging of times, we can tap into our hopes to find strength and power from within.

At Telecare, program staff work with clients and members to re-awaken lost or diminished hope. They work thoughtfully with individuals to explore and re-ignite their internal desires and identify what a meaningful life means to them.

For some, choosing to have hope again is risky. Will these feelings of renewed possibility be crushed by a power-over system and society once again? Will someone remind me of all the obstacles and barriers — or instead help me visualize my future where I can almost reach out and grab it? The outcome of these efforts can result in increased energy and motivation. Hopes and dreams guide the recovery process and are powerful medicines. Hope can change our biochemistry.

The belief in a truly unique and meaningful future can get individuals out of bed in the morning and motivate them to take those important first steps again. Use the practice below to envision what your future will look like in 2021.


In a group or with a partner, use your imagination to think about 2021 and beyond. Use the questions below to get you started. Also consider writing letters to yourself or journaling about your future.

  1. What will 2021 be like six months from today?

  2. What can you imagine now that you couldn’t imagine before?

  3. What choices will you make today to get you moving toward your vision?

  4. What do you want for 2022 and beyond?

  5. What can you give yourself in 2021?

  6. Take a moment to describe what would happen on your perfect day one year from now. (For example, I wake up and make coffee, snuggle with my pet, read a good book, take a walk, check in with family or friends….)

Do any of these give you increased excitement? Are you feeling energized? Why or why not?

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