If you or a loved one is experiencing a physical health emergency, please contact 911. For mental health crisis support, call 988.

Crisis Support
& Suicide Prevention:

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 988.

This website is not for emergency support.

For Existing Telecare Clients:

If you are a Telecare client, please contact your program directly for assistance.

For Family & Friends of Clients:

Telecare complies with state and federal privacy laws, which limit the sharing of protected health information.

If you are a family member or friend of an existing Telecare client and wish to speak to the client or their treatment team, we recommend that you contact the program where your family member or friend is receiving services.

You can find a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices and our complaint and grievance form here.

To Refer Someone to Telecare for Services:

Each ؼ program has its own specific admission criteria and referral process. If you would like to refer someone to services or get assistance yourself, please:

  1. Visit our list of ؼ programs

  2. Contact the program you are interested in directly.

    • Each program page has a phone number and address listed.

    • The staff at each program will be the best resource to help you understand
      the referral process or help connect you to alternative local resources.

Job and/or Recruiting Inquiries

Work Verification


To verify employment for a Telecare staff member, please contact:

The Work Number ()
Telecare’s employer code is 17062

Media / PR Inquiries

Contact Telecare’s communications team: 

Voice message: 510-842-5169

New Business Inquiries

Please contact ؼ main phone (510-337-7950) and you will be directed to ؼ Development Department.

Clinical/RCCS Inquiries:

If you'd like more information about our RCCS, RCM Tool, or related presentations and materials, please email: RCCSusage@telecarecorp.com.

General Information

Corporate Office

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P: 510-337-7950
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Email Us:

Please note, Telecare reviews and responds to email during business hours only (Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Pacific). We do not review or respond to email submissions after hours or on weekends.