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Telecare is where professionalism, life experiences and support converge for lasting change.


We’ve cared for people with the most complex needs for over 50 years. Telecare was started by three colleagues in 1965 and remains family and employee-owned today. Today Telecare is led by Anne Bakar, ؼ President and CEO, and daughter of co-founder Morton Bakar. Anne is a leader with heart, and intensely connected with our programs.

Our Mission: To deliver excellent and effective behavioral health services that engage individuals with complex needs in recovering their health, hopes, and dreams.

Our Purpose: Telecare exists to help people with complex needs realize their full potential.

Our Culture: The foundation of our organization is the shared values that continue to lead us.

Our Values: Our people make an impact because they live out our core values of service, respect, excellence, security, growth, and partnership every day. Read more about our values, here.

Recovery is
possible, here’s
the evidence

Telecare was founded on the belief that rehabilitation and recovery from serious mental illness are possible. We call our unique recovery approach the Recovery-Centered Clinical System, or RCCS. The RCCS is based on a belief that recovery can happen, but it does not cause recovery to happen. Instead, the RCCS strives to create an environment of mutual respect, curiosity and non-judgment between staff and clients that supports recovery. You can learn more about RCCS here.

We don’t just hope for recovery. We’ve seen it. Our team goes above and beyond to help clients on their recovery journey, making a lasting difference in their lives. After getting services at Telecare, clients company-wide responded to the Mental Health Statistical Improvement Project (MHSIP) Survey, and said:

90% Staff believed I could change, grow & recover

80% I am better able to deal with crisis

80% I am better able to control my life

74% My symptoms are not bothering me as much

80% I deal more effectively with daily problems

Telecare is full of stories that show with hope and help, recovery is possible.


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