New Year, New You Resource Fair with ؼ ATLAS/TABS/JETT Program

Telecare Atlas / TABS / JETT rang in the New Year with our New Year, New You Transformational Resource Fair on January 29th.

Thirty-four agencies across LA County came to support the event and provided participants with a variety of information on educational, vocational, and benefits opportunities.

Several members also received haircuts, free phones, signed up for medi-cal, and obtained glucose/blood pressure/HIV tests.  Members were given post-its to help write their hopes and dreams for the New Year and pleased to interact with the variety of different community programs.

A special thank you to Nick Shepard, Andrea Major, Rayzhone Davis and our wonderful support staff for helping organize the event. 

IHOT Team Earns a Family's Thanks

Recently, a mother of a member from San Diego’s IHOT program reached out via the Telecare website and left a sweet message for staff:

“Your entire staff in San Diego County are the most compassionate, intelligent professional people our family has encountered in the too many years we as parents of a mentally unstable adult have met. We thank every person we even briefly talked to on our son’s behalf. You accepted him. THANK YOU for that. Your positive, sacrificial, professional ‘coaching’ will always be a golden memory. Thank you IHOT San Diego County.”

Happy Holidays from Jeremy House and TEIR

2015 was a wonderful, interesting, and exciting year for our San Joaquin Telecare family. First, I would like to express my deep and sincere appreciation to our family for the amazing team work, dedication, passion, and commitment to the day-to-day work that they do. I am grateful for the beautiful uniqueness in each of our members and the diversity that we all continue to learn and embrace. It’s the hard and heart work that is given to the program and the residents from each member of the team that makes us great in our ability to serve with passion, compassion, and quality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the awesome team you are!

To our sister program, , I’m looking forward to the incredible journey ahead. Our TEIR team is tiny, but very mighty. Thank you for your eagerness to learn and your dynamic energy. We are rockin’ and rollin’! Go Team!

Special thanks to the wonderful and awesome communications team. Thank you for all your help and the goodies throughout the year. Thanks for keeping us informed and in the loop. Another special thanks to the IT team. You never failed us!

To the entire Telecare family, we would like to wish you and yours a very happy, safe, and stress-free holidays!

With warm regards,

Jeremy House and TEIR