And the Winner Is... The Morties!

This year, in honor of our 50th anniversary, we invited all of our programs to share their stories of recovery, values, and inspiration. We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the programs who put their time, effort, and love into this contest. Take a look at the videos below to see who will be bringing home The Morty, an award created in honor of Anne Bakar's father and one ofؼ founders, Morton Bakar!

Recovery Stories: Morton Bakar Center

Telecare staff and members of our inpatient program in Hayward, California, share what recovery means to them and what they are most proud of in their life and work.

Living Our Values: CHANGES

Our community-based program in East Oakland showed their heart, spirit, and all the unique ways they are incorporating the Telecare values and Evidence Based Practices to improve the lives of the members they serve.

Inspiration: WIT

Telecare members and staff in our court-ordered program in Orange County share their stories of making it through hardship and give words of hope and encouragement to those on their own recovery journey.

San Bernardino Tragedy Memorial

In honor of the victims from the tragedy that occurred in San Bernardino December 2, San Bernardino ACT, MAPS, TIE-CC staff and members expressed their sympathy and condolences by visiting the memorial site leaving words of support and encouragement.

This tragedy has gathered worldwide attention and media coverage, but at the end of the day, families are still left with voids, and survivors with scars. Please keep San Bernardino in your thoughts as they begin the healing process. If you would like to support the families of those affected here is how you can help:

San Bernardino ACT, MAPS, and TIE-CC Raise Money for NAMI

Throughout the year of 2015, Telecare San Bernardino // participated in a number of fundraisers in preparation of the Annual . This year the committee consisted of members, team leads, PSCs, and administrative staff. The committee arranged a bake sale, savory casserole sale, dress down day, and a rummage sale totaling $1,125 in donations.

Our three programs (ACT, MAPS, and TIE-CC) had a total of 45 members and staff registered to participate in the NAMI walk as the “Telecare Heroes”; taking the challenge of walking the trail, obtaining local resources and education of services available through the booths, and enjoyed the sense of community ending out day with lunch and socializing under the tents. NAMI for us is not just a fundraiser, it’s a way for our members and staff to connect and start stomping stigmas of mental illness.