Villa Fairmont Celebrate with a Multi-Cultural Conga Bash!

Submitted by Marti Winterhalter
Director of Rehabilitation, Villa Fairmont MHRC

Costumes, and candy, and conga–oh my! celebrated Telecare’s 50th with a multi-cultural bash!

We had food from many of the cultures represented by our staff. We feasted on Nigerian, Filipino, Afghan, Indian, Chinese, Mexican cuisines and Down Home Fried Chicken–we topped off our feast with Linda Young’s (RAL)”1 Stop Sweet Shoppe.”

It was a “cultural dress” day as well, and so many of our staff showed off their beautiful cultural costumes. In addition from doctor’s to dietary, we donned wild and wacky garb in our photo booth and finished up the party with a conga line to the Afghan singer Aryana Sayeed “Anar” (Pomegranate)!

Orange County Celebrates Telecare’s 50th!

Orange County program’s came together for one festive 50th anniversary party earlier in June. and staff attended a party with Telecare leadership, county service chiefs from their respective program types, and Mark Refowitz, agency director for Orange County Health Care Authority, who had some very kind words about Telecare.

Party planners added some fun by affixing trivia about 1965 to their 50th balloons, and guests were treated to some entertainment from a member playing acoustic guitar and singing. The party also included a touching speech from a staff member and member–and let’s not forget about the 50th anniversary cupcakes!

Thank you to the staff and guests that helped make this party fantastic!

Cordilleras and Transitions Celebrate Telecare’s 50th!

On May 26, Cordilleras & San Mateo Transitions hosted Telecare’s 50th celebration. It was attended by staff from both programs, including leaders with San Mateo County Behavioral Health. Clients in the horticultural group made the plant centerpieces and fun was had by all!

Thank you to all the staff that helped put this special party together!