Oregon Program Joins in Pole, Peddle, Paddle Race

in Bend, Oregon recently formed two teams of six individuals each — some from DRC and others from their Residential Treatment Homes (including a resident and an administrator), to participate in Bend’s famous Pole, Pedal, Paddle Race. The relay race begins at the top of Mt. Bachelor with an alpine downhill ski, followed by a cross country ski, a bike ride from the mountain into town, then a five-mile run, and a canoe route in the river, ending with a sprint to the finish line!

Each participant completed one leg of the race and handed off to their teammate at the next event. This race is a staple in the community and exemplifies the active lifestyle and community-oriented attitude of the region.

Everyone had such a great time, DRC is already planning to participate again next year and every year after!

VIPS Program Participates in Schizophrenia Series

PBS affiliate, KQED in Northern California, recently aired part 1 of a 3-part series on Schizophrenia. Telecare’s program contributed to part one.

The KQED story focuses on the concept of intervening early to help stop schizophrenia before it starts. Telecare is deeply proud to be working with young people in a way that helps them retain and regain their health, hopes and dreams.

You can listen to the KQED story .

And, though part two already aired, if you’re interested, part three will air on KQED on Monday, August 11th. That’s 88.5 FM at 6:30 and 8:30 a.m. Additionally, different (longer and nationally-focused) versions of these stories are scheduled to air on in September on the 8th and 15th.