La Casa Annual Training Fair

ؼ La Casa Mental Health Rehabilitation Center (MHRC), Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF), and Mental Health Urgent Care Center (MHUCC) in Long Beach, CA, recently held a skills training fair for our nursing department teams! This annual event is an excellent opportunity for our nurses to learn new techniques and sharpen their existing skills. We're proud to provide this continuing education for our nurses; we know it benefits them and our members.

The training fair is an annual event that helps staff complete their required training and competencies. Booths are set up with various pieces of training for staff, such as focusing on welcoming new clients or about vital signs. These trainings are designed to help employees learn more about their roles and how to fulfill them effectively. There was music and food available for everyone to enjoy as they trained! The programs can train over 100 during the fair in an event like this.

The annual training fair is an excellent opportunity for staff to reconnect with each other and work together as a team. This is an essential part of ؼ culture.

Thanks for your hard work, La Casa programs!