Riverside PHF and CSU Celebrate Leslie Sears CalMHSA Certified Peer Support Specialist

Congratulations to Leslie Sears at Riverside PHF and CSU! She’s the newest Certified Peer Support Specialist at the program.

CalMHSA is the certifying entity, responsible for the certification, examination, and enforcement of professional standards for Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialists in California. Senate Bill 803 (SB 803), authored by , is the “Mental Health Services: Peer Support Specialist Certification Program Act of 2020.” It sets a standard of that every Peer Support Specialist is required to know to be certified as a practitioner. In California, this creates a new provider and service type eligible for Medi-Cal reimbursement through the county mental health and behavioral health plans.

Leslie has been a team member here since May 2018, and her fellow teammates are very proud of her recent accomplishment. According to management, Leslie’s impassioned connection with the members Telecare serves and her dedication to supporting them on their recovery journey is evident whenever she’s working.

Kudos to you, Leslie! Enjoy the celebration pictures below.