Anne Bakar's Wonderful Time at Riverside County Programs

During her recent visit to Riverside County PHF and Riverside County CSU, President and CEO Anne Bakar observed the remarkable unity and growth within the programs. Anne shared her sincere appreciation for the warm welcome. She took the time to listen to the team’s heartening stories of resilience amid the challenges posed by COVID-19, and the collaborative efforts in discharge planning.

Elizabeth Ross stood out for her exceptional dedication in driving impact during the launch of ؼ new CRT initiative. Anne was delighted to witness the team's enthusiasm and bonding during the pre-launch training phase.

Anne was impressed by the outstanding teamwork and growth opportunities offered through cross-training, which John Nekic supported.

Reflecting on her visit to Riverside County PHF and Riverside County CSU, Anne highlighted the staff's resilience and commitment to shared goals. Her reflections underscore the importance of fostering a culture of teamwork and seizing growth opportunities moving forward.