Steve N. Stults: The Joy-Spreading Squirrel at Stults House

At Stults House in Oregon, a delightful new mascot named Steve N. Stults, a squirrel, has been introduced to boost the program’s culture through joy and teamwork. The idea, conceived by a dedicated staff member, was enthusiastically embraced by the program director and other leaders. Steve N. Stults hides cute, laminated images of nuts with funny faces throughout the program. When staff or residents find these nuts, they can take a picture and share it with their team, spreading pride and joy in the workplace.

This simple activity’s success in lifting spirits and engaging everyone has been remarkable. Inspired by Stults House, the sister program, Rhone Street, is now working on creating a new mascot, a rabbit, with a similar activity of finding carrots.

This initiative demonstrates the creativity and dedication of the Stults House staff and leadership. We appreciate their commitment to bringing positive energy and enthusiasm to the program!