SHOP/TRAC/TMRS Participate in Stanislaus County’s Point-In-Time Count


The mandates an annual Point-In-Time count and survey of individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Telecare’s SHOP/TRAC/TMRS, initially just SHOP, was asked by Stanislaus County in 2003 to assist with the Point-In-Time count and have assisted every year since then. There are various other county and community agencies that either volunteer to participate in the count or donate bags of goodies to include snacks, socks, blankets and lists of local resources. The Point-In-Time count is an important effort that ensures the voices of people experiencing homelessness in our communities are heard and efforts are made to provide appropriate services. It also helps Stanislaus County develop more effective plans and measure progress towards ending homelessness.

The Performance Improvement Team has provided a survey tool that provides a means for gathering information directly from the individuals and families that are experiencing homelessness about their needs and causes of homelessness. One of the most prominent issues is the lack of stable and affordable housing options. Efforts to target this area are evident with the creation of the .

Telecare’s Outreach & Engagement Team enjoys participating in the annual count to build and maintain relationships, listen to the amazing stories told and to better understand the needs of this population. Huge shout-out to this team for never complaining about such an early start and always being willing to serve others the best way they can!

Stanislaus County Effective Partnership Committee Provided the Effective Partnership Annual Recognition Award to the Initial Outreach & Engagement Center

On August 1, 2017, the r opened at 825 12th Street in Modesto. The center is made possible through a collaboration between Telecare’s // Outreach Program along with county programs and other agencies in Stanislaus County.

Partners for this center include Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, Telecare, Community Services Agency, Stanislaus County Superior Court, Memorial Medical Center and Sutter Gould Medical Foundation, Credit Bureau Advisors and the Stanislaus County Chief Executive Office. The Effective Partnership Annual Recognition Award was awarded to all agencies that are collaborating together. It is the first time we have won this award, and it means that we are all making positive changes within the Stanislaus community.

This collaboration has allowed the community to begin to bring services together for improved effectiveness. The Outreach team seek people out in the community in a strategic and coordinated effort with other partner outreach teams who are now co-located.

The Outreach and Engagement Center will also serve as a physical entry point providing access and referrals to a wide-range of homelessness services.

Outreach Center Award.jpg

Spreading the Word That Each Mind Matters in Modesto


On May 15, staff from Telecare’s TRAC/TMRS/SHOP programs set up a booth at the Amgen Tour of California. The Tour de France-style cycling road race came through Modesto, where program staff greeted community members and informed them about the services they provide within the community. During the event, staff connected with other community resources, linked up with potential members, and even participated in the parade.  

TRAC/TMRS/SHOP Programs Collaborate with Modesto Police Department

Telecare’s Modesto outreach programs have teamed up with the four of the newest officers that have been hired on to work with the homeless population in the community.

“If the officers suspect that the person might have a mental health diagnosis or substance use disorder, they will phone our outreach staff, Randy Limburg and Maria Madrigal, to assist with linking them to needed services,” said Dawn Lewis, Program Business Director at the .

“In the five weeks that this MPD team has been in place, at least four people have been successfully linked,” she said.

Telecare has multiple outreach programs in the Stanislaus County area that provide a wide array of community outreach and linkage services

    • Outreach and Engagement 1 focuses on the area’s homeless population

    • Outreach and Engagement 3 team provides psycho-education and mental health services with the intent of reducing stigma in mental health

    • Latino Access specifically provides outreach and psycho-education on mental health to the county’s Latino population

  • TRAC provides a continuity of care and a menu of outpatient treatment options

    • Partnership TRAC serves clients who have previously been under served and/or uninsured

    • Fast TRAC serves clients who are under served, many of whom are un-benefited

    • Wellness TRAC serves clients that are low-risk and can benefit from low-intensity services, primarily medication services and group offerings

    • Josie’s TRAC serves Transitional Age Youth (TAY) 18-25

  • serves primarily clients residing in Modesto with a history psychiatric hospitalization