Presenting “Peers of the Roundtable” at the Western Recovery Conference

The is by and for people in recovery, mental health consumers, clients, and survivors. Presented by SHARE! and Peers Action 4 Change, the conference took place on March 9 in Culver City, CA and included over 400 attendees with more than 70 workshops.

Presenting "Peers of the Roundtable" was Lei Portugal Calloway, Peer Team Lead at Orange County AOT in Santa Ana. Participants shared their journey, successes, and challenges as they maneuver through their lives and careers. The 75-minute discussion included what's going on with peer roles in our communities and within our organizations, giving and receiving support, and brainstorming about the future of peer support.


Shown in the group picture are Telecare employees Jude Martinez (first from left), who is a Peer Recovery Coach at TAO Central and Jorge Camacho (second from left), who is a Peer Support Specialist at TAO North. Photo taken by event attendee and Telecare employee David Calloway (Housing Specialist at STEPS).