Telecare STEPS Orange County Attends Out of the Darkness Community Walk

The hosted its annual on Saturday, October 14, in Centennial Park, Santa Ana, California.

The event raised $62,583, with 712 registered participants and 87 teams, including 17 staff and members from the Telecare STEPS Orange County program. They wore their extraordinary teal and purple and tie-dyed shirts to honor the event.

Special recognition to Kat Stratton, Clinician, and David Calloway, MHRS, from Telecare STEPS Orange County, who supported their members during the community walk and with visiting resource tables from community partners. Among these impactful events' nine sponsors were Orange County Health Care Agency, Providence, and Progeny Psychiatric Clinic.

The are journeys of remembrance and events that unite a community – a time to acknowledge how suicide and mental illness have affected our lives and loved ones. Honor beads were given to participants - each color representing a personal connection to the cause and helping everyone identify others who understand their experience.

If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts or a crisis, don't hesitate to contact the  by text or phone at 988.